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Today we released our Agenda for the next government, which sets out the five priorities we believe the next government must work towards to help people with long-term conditions following the General Election on 8th June.
09 May 2017, News
In this blog Charlotte Augst reviews the 'Next Steps on the the NHS Five Year Forward View' and suggests we need to mainstream better ways of supporting people living with long term conditions. A difficult job
04 April 2017, Blogs
In this blog Asthma UK's Andrew Cumella explains why it's so important we improve the use of healthcare data across the health and care system and the role charities can play to support this.
31 January 2017, Blogs
In this co-authored piece, NPC's CEO Dan Corry and Partnership Director of the Richmond Group of Charities, Charlotte Augst, reflect on the current challenges faced by the NHS, and the role of charities in supporting the health of the British public.
16 January 2017, Blogs
In May 2015, the Richmond Group of Charities joined forces with Mind and Public Health England to undertake a project known as Doing the Right Thing.
05 November 2016, News
These are bewildering times for the millions of people who depend daily on social care services and the NHS. The threat of strikes, declarations of imminent collapses of both services and the continual shifts in what people are or aren’t entitled to – it's no wonder that people are confused.
16 September 2016, Blogs