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Dr Claire Fuller has today published her report recommending next steps for integrated primary care.
26 May 2022, News
by Juliet Bouverie OBE, Chair of the Richmond Group of Charities 
10 May 2022, Blogs
A new resource pack to help healthcare professionals and organisations support people with long term health conditions to be active has been launched. Michelle Roberts, Physical Activity and Health Programme Lead, explains: 
06 April 2022, Blogs
This post was authored by Juliet Bouverie OBE (Chair, The Richmond Group of Charities) Last week, the government announced its long-term strategy for living safely with Covid. The Richmond Group is urging a rethink of the approach, which has left many vulnerable people feeling abandoned and invisible.  
02 March 2022, Blogs
The final evaluation report of the Movement for All programme was launched on 17th February 2022. Read the report here -
04 February 2022, News
Sara Hazzard, Assistant Director of Strategic Communications at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, continues our guest blog series responding to our 'You Only Had To Ask' report on what people with multiple conditions say about health equity.
18 January 2022, Blogs