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‘Health Equity in England: The Marmot Review 10 Years On’ – response from The Richmond Group of Charities

Responding to the Institute of Health Equity’s review of health equity, commissioned by The Health Foundation to mark 10 years since the landmark Marmot Review, and published on 25 February, The Richmond Group of 14 national charities has welcomed the review’s recommendations as a route to dealing with the growing challenge of multiple health conditions.

Neil Tester, Director of The Richmond Group of Charities, said: “There’s a direct link between this second Marmot report’s findings of increasing health inequalities and our own work on multiple conditions. People in more deprived areas develop multiple conditions 10-15 years earlier than those in more affluent communities. We know that people with multiple conditions have poorer health outcomes and are more likely to report poorer experiences of care, as well as care co-ordination problems.

“The solutions aren’t just down to the NHS – we need new ways of thinking about housing, education, work and social isolation. That’s why we agree with the review on the need for an ambitious, cross-government health inequalities strategy with clear targets to drive visible action. If the Government’s looking for ways to prove it’s serious about ‘levelling up’ across the regions, this is a perfect way to show it means business.”