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Today we launch our new report Living Longer, Living Well: How we can achieve the WHO’s 25 by 25 goals in the UK

The report examines the future trends for public health in the UK, answering questions such as:

  • What are the key trends for preventable mortality and morbidity due to long-term conditions in the UK?
  • How many preventable deaths could be avoided if we achieve the World Health Organization’s 25 by 25 goals?
  • What could we do to help people live longer, free of long-term disability, and how many ‘years lived with disability’ could we prevent? 
  • What type of whole-population interventions could be most effective in reducing the impact of long-term conditions?

The Living Longer, Living Well overview report summarises the results of this study, which used the ‘25 by 25’ goals from the World Health Organization (WHO) as a benchmark against which to measure UK trends. The full research findings of the longer study, the PROMISE study, are also available here

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