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The Richmond Group of Charities has published the third and final report from its collaboration with Britain Thinks to understand how the experiences and perceptions of patients, professionals and the public have shifted during the pandemic and what this might mean for the future of the NHS in England.

Attitudes towards and experiences of the NHS during Covid-19: views from patients, professionals and the public draws upon fieldwork conducted in May and June 2021, involving depth interviews, qualitative research groups and a quantitative survey. 

The Richmond Group's Director, Neil Tester, said: "We hope this work will spark and support important conversations at a critical point for our NHS. It contains messages that we can all take heart from but also presents some significant challenges for health leaders and clinicians alike. The report signals shared concerns about funding and workforce pressures. While the perception of NHS staff as heroes remains strong, our report suggests that some people may be starting to lose patience as services cope with the impact of Covid-19, and some clinicians are worried about losing public goodwill. 

"The research also has important messages for everyone concerned with how to talk about the vital focus on eliminating health inequalities.

"Now more than ever we need to maintain a shared understanding and sense of purpose. We hope the insights in this report will help to do that."

Download the report here

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