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Guest blog by Laura Boyd, NHS Innovation Accelerator Programme Manager. There is a frequently quoted statistic that it takes, on average, 17 years for an innovation to be spread widely across the health system.
22 March 2018, Blogs
Joint with Understanding Patient Data, this is our third blog on the benefits of enabling people to access their health records.
05 March 2018, Blogs
Guest post by Deborah Fisher, Director of Crisis Response and Independent Living (South and Channel Islands), British Red Cross
23 February 2018, Blogs
Guest post by Paul Corrigan, member of the Doing the Right Thing National Steering Group
22 February 2018, Blogs
Take a look at Tapping the Potential, the latest publication from our Doing the Right Thing programme - an approach to building meaningful collaboration between the voluntary sector and publ
19 February 2018, News
Joint with Understanding Patient Data, this is our second blog on the benefits of enabling people to access their health records.
15 December 2017, Blogs