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Guest post by Paul Corrigan, member of the Doing the Right Thing National Steering Group
22 February 2018, Blogs
Take a look at Tapping the Potential, the latest publication from our Doing the Right Thing programme - an approach to building meaningful collaboration between the voluntary sector and publ
19 February 2018, News
Joint with Understanding Patient Data, this is our second blog on the benefits of enabling people to access their health records.
15 December 2017, Blogs
Health services in Somerset are set to forge stronger links with the voluntary and community sector after a £60K financial boost helps ‘Social Prescribing’ take a leap forward.
11 December 2017, News
This week, the Richmond Group of Charities set out three tests that today's budget needed to meet in order to stop the worrying decline in access, quality and safety that people living with long term health conditions have experienced in
22 November 2017, News
The Richmond Group has released a response to today’s report from The King’s Fund, Nuffield Trust and The Health Foundation, warning that the Government must find £4 billion more for the NHS in the Autumn Budget in order to prevent the further deterioration of patient care. Chris Askew, Chair of the Richmond Group of Charities, said:
08 November 2017, News