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My name is Rachel; I had my stroke in May 2015. They called it a left lacunar infarct – one of the many new medical terms I’ve had to learn. I was in hospital for six days. The care and treatment I received and continue to receive on the ‘Early Supported Discharge Service’ was and is outstanding! As is the support and help I receive from my stroke support worker from the Stroke Association.
20 November 2015, Blogs
Self-Care Week gives us the opportunity to pat ourselves on the back if we are looking after ourselves and consider what else we could do to take better care of ourselves. At Asthma UK we don’t think that people are given the right tools to keep their asthma under control so we are looking at ways in which the NHS and other organisations, including us, can support people living with asthma to better control their asthma every single day.     
16 November 2015, Blogs
The Richmond Group welcomes NHS England’s declaration on person-centred care for long-term conditions, launched at the recent Health and Care Innovation Expo in Manchester. The declaration outlines the importance of person-centred care for everyone at all stages of life and during all stages of the care journey.  
07 September 2015, News
We have now launched our brand new website. Along with a complete refresh of the design and layout, we also have a new publications section, updated profiles of our members and a journal, where you can keep updated on the activity and thoughts of the Richmond Group. We also have a new contact us page, through which you can direct any comments and questions.
13 August 2015, News
Together with a wide range of other organisations from the health and care sector, the Richmond Group decided to log their concerns about the planned cuts to the already very small public health budget announced recently. This is the letter that was published in the Times:
08 July 2015, News
The Smith Institute has published a collection of essays responding to the Five Year Forward View . Included in this is a contribution from Charlotte Augst, Richmond Group Partnerships Manager, which aims to address some of the barriers to progress by reframing how we should think and talk about the prevention challenge.
25 March 2015, Blogs