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Physical Activity

Physical Activity

People living with long term health conditions are twice as likely as those without to be ‘inactive’ - that is, do less than 30 minutes of physical activity a week. This is due to the significant web of barriers that affect capability, opportunity and motivation to be active. Even small amounts of activity can provide health and wellbeing benefits, which is why we are working in collaboration with Sport England, Mind, MS Society and Parkinson’s UK as well as a number of strategic partners, to address the barriers and help more people living with (multiple) health conditions to benefit from moving more.  


We are doing this through our physical activity programme, Movement for All, funded by Sport England, which has for several years been a hub for knowledge sharing; testing approaches to physical activity and gathering audience insights. It has also initiated “We Are Undefeatable” a campaign based on audience insight and real-life case studies, that aims to not only change physical activity behaviour but also the way we talk about physical activity.  


If you’d like to find out more about the programme please get in touch with the Physical Activity and Health Programme Manager, Michelle Roberts.  

  • Movement for All
  • We Are Undefeatable Campaign
  • Our learning & insight
  • Charity Insight and Resources

Movement for All

Our goal for the programme is to tackle inequality and reduce inactivity amongst people living with (multiple) long term health conditions.  

We do this in the following ways: 

  • We coordinate a community of practice amongst our partner charities to share learning and good practice 
  • Our members have delivered a number of intervention and insight projects that have generated learning that we disseminate via our collective networks 
  • We have produced an evaluation report which synthesises what we’ve learned from the projects, and outlines our learning related to collaboration and embedding physical activity into organisational strategy. We promote this report with key stakeholders such as physical activity providers and commissioners 
  • We have worked with our partners to develop We Are Undefeatable, managed by Age UK on behalf of the charity partners and Sport England (funded by the National Lottery) 
  • Our charity members have developed shared influencing priorities that look to address systemic barriers to physical activity for people with health conditions. 
  • We have developed a series of physical activity videos entitled ‘Make Your Move’ aimed at people living with the multiple symptoms that come with long term health conditions 

Project Partners: 

Sport England, Mind, MS Society, Parkinson’s UK 

We Are Undefeatable Campaign

The award-winning campaign “We Are Undefeatable” aims to support people living with health conditions who are not already physically active and who would benefit from moving more. It has been developed and tested along with the target audience to ensure the communications, support and tools are all insight-driven.   

The campaign is inspired by, and features, real life experiences of people with long-term health conditions getting active despite the ups, downs and unpredictability of their condition. The website and social media channels provide encouragement, reassurance and support to individuals starting on their journey to becoming and staying more active.  

16 leading health and social care charities are behind this national campaign and movement: Age UK (coordinating the campaign), Alzheimer’s Society, Asthma UK, Breast Cancer Now, British Heart Foundation, British Lung Foundation, British Red Cross, Diabetes UK, Macmillan Cancer Support, Mind, MS Society, Parkinson’s UK, Rethink Mental Illness, Royal Voluntary Service, Stroke Association and Versus Arthritis.  

The collaboration is backed by expertise, insight and significant National Lottery funding from Sport England, the organisation behind the award-winning “This Girl Can”. The campaign is part of a broader commitment from Sport England to change cultural and social norms around long term-conditions and physical activity and to help more people get active in a way that’s right for them.  

We Are Undefeatable has a number of resources for those working in health, physical activity, and for people with health conditions themselves. You can sign up to the Supporters Hub. To access all these resources and read more about our work with healthcare professionals, local authority areas, the physical activity workforce, and the partner charities, with ideas and case studies on activating the campaign. 

Our learning & insight

Understanding our audience and what works to support people to be active has been critical to our ability to support meaningful behaviour change for individuals as well as organisations. 

We want to see this learning shared so that other organisations can benefit from it too. Here are a number of reports and insight packs that will help you if you’re: 

  • interested in supporting people with long term conditions to be more active 
  • Interested in collaborating to bring about greater behaviour changes 
  • Interested in embedding activity into the work of your organisation 

People with long term conditions, and attitudes towards physical activity 

To help us understand attitudes and behaviours towards physical activity in people with multiple conditions, we commissioned think tank and research agency Britain Thinks to speak to people across England. They also spoke to carers, families and friends. They probed the barriers preventing people with long term conditions from being active and tested the impact of some potential messages aimed at encouraging people to move more.  

We Are Undefeatable Campaign Insights 2019 

We Are Undefeatable launched in 2019 after much audience research. This is the overview of what we heard and the approach we took to developing the campaign. If you’re new to communicating with people with long term conditions or need support ensuring your messages are landing effectively this pack is for you.  

We Are Undefeatable Campaign Insights: May 2020 , Covid Insight June 2020 and Sept 2020  

Covid-19 affected everything and everyone and the campaign became more important than ever for people with long term conditions. We continued to undertake research throughout the pandemic in order to understand the shifting attitudes and behaviours of our audience and ensure our messages and support stayed relevant.  

We Are Undefeatable Campaign Insights: Jan 2021 , June 2021 , Sept 2021 

A year on from the release of our previous insight pack, we created a new resource telling the story of how attitudes and behaviours to activity have shifted alongside the rollout of vaccination programmes and lifted lockdown restrictions. This included some interesting research into digital exclusion and the effect on physical activity levels during the pandemic. 

Charity Insight and Resources

Make Your Move videos 

We’ve worked together, using audience insight, to develop a set of inclusive physical activity videos, aimed at people with long term conditions living with multiple symptoms such as fatigue, pain and breathlessness. The six different videos are all led by experienced instructors and have three ability levels to make it easier to find a way to be active that suits individual needs. You can find the videos on our We Are Undefeatable YouTube channel

Project partners